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What is Prana Power Yoga?


Prana Power Yoga is a mind-body-spirit connecting practice.  Each mindful movement is lead by breath, with the implementation of methodology from Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Meridian System.  


The PRANA POWER YOGA sequence includes strength and stamina building postures, meditation and pranayama, as well as balancing and releasing postures.  Prana Power Yoga is a style of yoga anchored in the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, with some sequence modifications to keep the practice safe and accessible to all levels of practitioners.


PRANA POWER YOGA teaches you how to unite your physical body to your more subtle bodies.  Students of our Prana Power Yoga Bootcamp will study the PPY Sequence, containing over 50 yoga postures, including the physical, energetic and emotional anatomy of each pose, modification, prop usage and contraindication. 


PRANA POWER YOGA uses the Meridian System (Energetic pathways) the Emotion & Organ connection theory, both from Traditional Chinese Medicine to release deeply held stale energy, creating space for newfound strength, flow and optimum well-being.



For your 200 hour PRANA POWER YOGA training 

Your beautiful printed Power Yoga manual

A 60 minute therapeutic, gentle or Thai Yoga Massage

Your closing dinner at 5 star French restaurant Villa Deveena

A private empowerment photoshoot on the beach with professional photographer Rachel Kershaw

Daily breakfast on the beach

Daily power yoga, meditation, pranayama, and yin yoga practice

Daily personal development sessions that will support the creation of your most powerful you

A Fire ceremony on the beach

Your post program integration call with our certified personal development facilitator   


The Foundation

Yoga History & Philosophy

Personal Development, Our curated Feedback System & Effective Teaching Skills

The Prana Power Yoga Sequence

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology; Critical Alignment Principals regarding vinyasa & power yoga

Pranayama & Mudras to incoroporate into yoga classes

The importance of brining ease to the effort in these more strenuous styles of yoga 


Let's Get Physical

Your Prana Power Yoga Asana Guide, breaking down over 100 yoga asana; including anatomical & energetic focus,

emotional applicability, meridian anatomy, contraindication, props use and modification

How to sequence your Vinyasa & Power Yoga Classes

How to develop a powerful personal practice


The Business of Being a Prana Power Yoga Teacher


How to theme your Vinyasa & Power Yoga classes 

How to format and guide your own Vinyasa & Power Workshops and Retreats 

How to market yourself as a successful Vinyasa & Power Instructor 


Hear From Students

"My YTT experience with Hali Love was transformational. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is awe-inspiring. She leads by example and brings her truest self forward in every moment. In this course, I discovered the importance of self-love and healing through emotional expression and communication. With Hali’s close guidance, I explored yoga beyond just the physical practice and learned how to realign my mind, body, and soul. I also benefitted from the reflection and class discussions which deepened my understanding of each lesson. Hali takes the time to connect with every student and she challenged me through exactly what I needed to learn, grow, and flourish. I am so very grateful for this experience with Hali and Multi-Style Yoga. Thank you :)" Josie


"My experience at yoga teacher training with Hali Love was simply incredible.  By day 2 it was clear that this was something EVERYONE should experience.  My body, mind and spirit were so open, connected and so ready to keep learning. Hali created spaced for dialogue, new thoughts and change.   I am a carpenter and never having the thought that I would teach yoga, I originally went to yoga teacher training for personal development.  I had been witness to my wife’s transformation with Hali.  So I had some idea of what to expect but my expectations were blown out of the water.  Upon my return, still being a carpenter, I was awakened to a new passion of teaching and practicing yoga. I used to say to my wife that Namaste meant, “Nah I’ll stay, I’ll go to yoga next time”. Hali Love helped to inspire an awakening within. If you only one thing for yourself in this life, this should be it. Multi Style Yoga and Hali Love changed my life." John

"I went to teacher training not wanting to be a teacher, but to further my practice. I had no idea what to expect. I was expecting asana practice. A lot of it. And with two hours of practice every day, I definitely got it. But there was SO much more. One thing Hali said that resonated with me the most was "Anyone can memorize a sequence. It's who you become along the way that people are going to be attracted to. It's your most authentic self that will draw people to you. Not only filling your classes, but filling your life". And that is where the journey began. What I learned about myself during my teacher training completely turned my world around. I began to live outside my little bubble and started to see the bigger picture." Stef​

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