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yoga teacher training with Hali Love

Mindful Minutes


"Welcome to my Mindful Minutes" A growing collection of practices that are intended to connect you more deeply to your mind, body, heart & soul.  I take requests! If you have a request for a specific yoga class, posture, meditation, mantra or personal development tool. please email me!  My goal is to support & empower you. Much Love - Hali. "

Yoga Nidra


Known as "Sleep Yoga".  The style of Nidra that Hali Love teaches is that combines Psychotherapy & hypnotherapy - activating different parts of your brain in a certain order to evoke deep relaxation. Get comfortable, create a supported savasana or get cozy in your bed and press play.  Rest well.

Hali Yoga NidraHali Love
00:00 / 37:24
Image by Zohre Nemati
Image by Artem Beliaikin

Ganesha Mantra


Ganehsa is a Vedic Deity who creates the energy and strength within us to remove any obstacles that stand-in in our way of connecting to our highest self, to our inner peace, to any stress or stressful situation, to any obstacle at all.  Join Hali Love for 10 minute guided experience of this mantra, including the set up and introduction of one of the popular Ganesha Mantras: OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA.

Ganesha MantraHali Love
00:00 / 13:49

Yoga Videos


Join my YouTube Studio for live recorded yoga classes.  Immerse yourself into the fascinating theory of Traditional Medicine, blended with Yoga.  Choose from a strength activating Prana Power Yoga Class or slow down with a Yin Yoga Class. 

Hali Love
Image by Leandra Rieger

Full Moon Ceremonies


The full moon is a power time to pase, connect, reflect, release what no longer serves you and to manifest a life your absolutely love to live.  On this page, you will have access to a Full Moon Ceremony, that you can do during any full moon, as well as a live recoded super moon ceremony, held at Love's studio in Costa Rica.

11 Minute Booty Burn


Are you curious about The Multi Barre Method?  Enjoy an 11-minute clamshell series; the excersize that every Multi Barre class closes with. Get your water, hop on your mat and enjoy the burn!

Hali Love Multi Barre.jpg
Image by Karsten Winegeart

Meditation Library 

Experience a variety of meditations & mantras in Love's Meditation Library. Everything from Yoga Nidra, to healing mantras, healing hypnosis, to courage & couples meditations & more. Yours  free to download.

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