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Hali Love Yoga
Hali Love Yoga
hali love
Hali Love Yoga

"I am"
In the words
of Hali Love

I am a loving mother and step-mother to 3 daughters whom I adore.  I am a loving and supportive wife to my husband.  I am that friend who never waivers in loyalty - ever.  I am a warrioress who has endured loss, a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, and with the help of yoga & Ayurveda, have cured a life-long illness of debilitating asthma, where I would be hospitalised more than 4 x per year.


I am a fiercely dedicated woman, committed to living in my core values, of love & empowerment and to fulfilling my purpose of being of service, and walking my talk. I believe in living a life of passion filled with adventure, fun and balance.  As a mother, wife and life lover; this balance is important. I would love to share my tools for balance, yoga, and well-being with you! 

When not spending time with my family and my personal practice, I spend my time on my passion projects:  Virtual Prana, my online yoga education platform, Multi Barre, my in-person and online Multi Barre Instructor Training Platform and Playa Negra Yoga, my sweet little studio in Playa Negra Costa Rica, and Yoga-Barre Canada, for expecting mamas.


"I believe that we all get out of life what we put in to it; and I choose to live authentically and abundantly in gratitude, compassion, adventure and full expression. I give back through offering a full personal sponsorship of local Costa Rican's who attend my yoga teacher training and studio classes.  I live alignment. I am committed to my team and I  believe that relationships are not always about creating happiness; but creating growth, strength and partner perseverance through the challenging times of life.  We all experience  the ups and downs, the important thing is how accountable we are in our actions. My core values are loyalty and empowerment.​​​"  


Hali is committed to continuously growing her practice, as she believes the best teachers are the best students.  She is currently continuing expanding her knowledge with the Centre of Strategic Intervention, The Subconscious Restructuring Institute, as well as apprenticing with Dr. Randi Raymond, in Traditional Chinese Medical Theory. Love shares her knowledge in this field with Dr. Raymond through their coaching program offered through The Integrative Health Coach Institute.





For the broken-hearted, the broken-willed, and for those who feel plain old broken. For the wanderers whom in fact are lost. For those who have been left behind.  For the unworthy and the defeated.  For the hopeful who yearn for more our of life: I promise you this:  CHANGE is possible. HEALING is possible. YOU are possible.  I believe with all of my being, that if truly desired, healing can happen in any situation.  I am committed to empowering you - whole-heartedly, to heal, change and bring the growth you need to thrive in your life. 



Over 40,000 hours of logged yoga teaching experience with The International Yoga Alliance, over 30 years of yoga practice and over 10,000 hours of logged yoga teacher training.  Hali Love is currently registered as an Experienced Yoga Teacher (ERYT500), holding a 200 and 500 hour designation, and is a registered Continuing Education Provider.​  Her yoga school has been registered with The International Yoga Alliance since 2007.



Founder and Facilitator of The UNBECOME Personal Development Program, CEO of The Multi Barre Method, Founder Playa Negra Yoga Centre and Costa Rica Yoga Academy.  Partner of Yoga Barre Canada - for expecting moms, Creator of & Program Writer for Virtual Prana Online Yoga Education Platform. Hali Love is a successful entrepreneur and dedicated mother, who thrives from putting her passions into action, walking her talk, and being in action. In 2007, she began her own coaching practice and opened her first yoga studio called Yogadown in Alberta, Canada.  By 2009, she successfully opened two additional yoga studios, which she sold to pursue her dream of opening a retreat centre in Costa Rica: currently




Currently practicing as an International Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, specializing in Emotional Healing, Hali Love has extensive experience and  secondary education in the industries of natural health, including Ayurveda, TCM, yoga, fitness, and emotional healing.  Most recently, in 2019, Hali completed her certification in ACBT (Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Tibetan Dream Therapy & Healing Through Counselling & Dream Therapy.


In 2006, Hali graduated from the CHEK institute in Encinitas, California, as a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 1 and Level 2). In 2010, Love graduated from the Subconscious Restructuring Institute, in Navada, as a Subconscious Restructuring Counsellor. ​ From 2008 through 2011, Love received additional certifications in hypnotherapy, various styles of yoga, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, emotional healing and yoga therapy.​​ From 2012 to current, Love has been apprenticing under Dr. Raymond, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Practices.




Hali has studied other fields that have supported both her knowledge and insights for her current blossoming businesses. In 1999, she graduated from Mount Royal University in Business Management, followed by Criminal Psychology and Canadian Law. She continued her studies at SAIT in Calgary, Canada in 2004, she graduated from the Private Investigation and Forensic Accounting.




In 2009, Love graduated from the Olivera School of Ayurveda, in Toronto, Canada​, at which time she was certified as an Ayurveda Consultant, and Ayurveda Spa Specialist, which enabled her to offer Traditional Indian Head Massage, Ayurveda Consultations, and  Abhyanga Massage, Ayurvedic Facials and Marma Point Therapy.​​  To date, Hali continues her study in Ayurveda through various programs.


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