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For Hali wellness is not a class or a book, a pill or a quick ceremonial fix.  To Hali, resilience cannot and does not happen over night.  


Hali's Personal Development is all about WELL-BEING; Well-being in action, showing up as a lifestyle, and as a daily practice; a practice anchored in love, contemplation, accountability & self reflection.


Her purpose is to generously share the tools that she has learned through her own life experiences; including the dark times, hardships and also her healing success, education and practice of a plethora of personal development tools.    

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As the founder of an Internationally Recognized Yoga School (with over 15 years in full-time operation), wellness facilitator and subconscious restructuring counsellor, Love combines her knowledge and education in her offerings of healing and wellness programs through her curated formula called "The 7 Bodies Method as a way to further explore the connection of the "mind, body, spirit" philosophy.   

Love reminds us that healing is a process of leaning into our inner-workings from a space of love and compassion.  She states that in order for true healing to take place, we cannot completely separate the mind from the body.


We can compartmentalise to explore and gain clarity, but separation is not possible. We must understand that unlike our thoughts, our emotions are not rational; they are not a problem to be solved or something to be discarded; they must be appreciated and understood.  


We must learn to understand the connection between all bodies; and that every emotion lands in a corresponding organ and part of the physical body and that spirit is the true gateway to attaining lasting healing.  


hali love personal development

Bi-monthly meet-ups take place 2 Saturday mornings per month. Register anytime, and get 12 months access to your meet-ups, and lifetime access to your program material. Available for Group & 1:1 Participation.

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Book your private personal development retreat with Hali Love in beautiful Playa Negra Costa Rica. Includes private sessions, unlimited yoga, yor workbook & a massate. 


The 7 Bodies Are:

1) Physical - our physical body, 

2) Mental - our thinking mind, 

3) Emotional - all of the 6 human emotions, which are fear, anger, joy, contentment, discontentment, and sadness,

4) Energetic - our vibe,

5) Intellectual - our new knowledge, learning's and insights,

6) Spiritual - this is self defined, and

7) Soul - our purpose 

When you connect to each area of your internal existence, you can then begin to create sustainable well-being within all areas of life: relationships, love, health, wealth and career.

You cannot have a healthy body with a confused mind; you cannot have peace of mind with a heavy heart.  The 7 Bodies Method ™ is a way to truly create sustainable change and serves as a personal data collecting program that supports us in having a macro picture of life.

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