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Connect. Heal. Flourish.

We all have something to work on.

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Personal Development

Hali has over 25 years  experience in the world of Personal & Professional Development. She has spent years studying psychology and a plethora of healing modalities, hailing from Western Psychology, Re-patterning, Hypnotherapy, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

Yoga Education

Are you  interested in continuing your Yoga Education? Check out Hali Love's Private 1:1 Yoga Mentorship Options and mini online programs, where she supports you along the way! 

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Dream Therapy

Upon working through my 6 month Tibetan Dream Therapy Course, I was amazed by my ability to connect to my dreams. I received many insights to my waking life.  Subsequently, I completed a  Dream Therapy Counselling Program. Blended with my other studies of  Past Life Regression Therapy, Advanced CBT & Subconscious Restructuring, I guide my clients through the process to receive the same powerful insights. 

Ayurveda Consultation

This session includes a review of Love's Customized Ayurvedic Consultation Forms, your Ayurvedic plan, consisting of a curated practice of movement, breath work, meditation & aromatherapy that works for your Dosh (your Ayurvedic Body Type); as well as a Nutrition plan, implementing Ayurvedic cleansing methods, into your modern day nutrition. 

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a wholistic, multifaceted system of both self care & relationship enhancement.  In your Yoga Therapy Session, Hali Love will curate practices that work for you and your individual body, your emotional agility, mental re-patterning and your spiritual & soul.  Love blends her years of experience, practice & post secondary education in yoga therapy training, hypnosis, subconscious restructuring, CBT, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring more ease into your journey, no matter what your goals are.

Private Sessions 1:1


You will meet Hali Love on zoom or at her studio in Playa Negra, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

You can schedule a free "Discovery Call" to discuss what offering fits your needs.  Should you proceed with sessions, you will receive an email package with your Plan Summary, and any required printable PDF's.  Your Session Hours can be divided into thirty minute sessions, or double up to two hours, depending on your needs.. After each session, you will receive an email summary update of each meeting, including a Session Time Count.


Private Session Investment

Prices are listed in USD.

Initial 90 Minute Session $285 USD


Subsequent Packages:

5 Hour Package $599 USD

10 Hour Package $849 USD

20 Hour Package $1,499 USD

Email Hali with any questions.
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