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Hali Love has been teaching yoga for over 28 years. She has graduated from over 10,000 hours of yoga teacher & Ayurveda trainings.  


Love teaches a variety of yoga styles:  gentle yoga, hatha, vinyasa & power yoga (called Prana Power Yoga), yin yoga - anchored in the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda Yoga.  Scroll down for more details. 

Her classes are intuitive and inquisitive; feedback is regularily that Hali deliveres exactly what each and every student needs.  Her teaching style has landed her jobs teaching at world renowned yoga festivals: Wanderlust in North America and The Om Yoga Show in the UK. 


Hali incorporates not only eastern methods, but western psychology as well.  Love has studied Effective Communication Skills and cognitive re-patterning, of which her Yoga Teacher Training Methods she trains her students is anchored in.



A slow, soul-nourishing, grounded class where you will stretch your physical body and release mental stress.   Connect to stuck emotions with these Gentle Yoga classes infused with the 5 Elements Theory from both Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Class are very meditative, with focus on breath & body connection.  Gentle Yoga Teacher Trainees receive an asana guide with over 120 yoga postures, including the anatomical breakdown of each postures, modifications, prop usage & more.


A soul soothing, slow paced balancing class incorporating both strengthening and postures that will stretch your physical body, releasing any stuck emotion or stored energies that contribute to your imbalance.  Classes are deeply themed to guide your experience powerfully to create balance.  Classes include a pranayama practice and meditation.  Love's Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainees receive an asana guide with over 120 Yoga Postures, including the modifications, prop use, anatomical focus and Ayurveda Philosophy implementation, plus all of the required modules set out by The International Yoga Alliance. 

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Prana is “life force energy”. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM) we call this energy “Chi”. Hali Love’s Prana Power Yoga / Vinyasa classes are anchored in the meridian theory from TCM.  You will flow through a sequence of intelligently structures yoga postures themed to target the areas of your body that are holding on to tension, and to strengthen the areas that need strength to enhance your overall well-being.  Prana Power Yoga teacher trainees receive 50 Deeply Themed Prana Power Yoga Sequences, including Posture Lab, Meditation, Pranayama and more.


Albeit a “new” style of yoga that has existed for just over a decade, its’ philosophy which is anchored in Traditional Chinese Medicine is thousands of years old.  Love’s Yin Yoga classes incorporate long held releasing postures geared to access to the deep tissues of your body in order to allow deeply held emotions & stuck energies that are blocking the flow of your chi.  These classes adhere to the Four Tattvas of Yin Yoga: Edge, Stillness, Time & Release.  You will experience long held postures, as well as some incorporation of yang movement. Yin Yoga teacher trainees receive a complete Yin Yoga Manual including TCM theory, posture lab, yin yoga anatomy & more.  

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The keyword in Love’s Restorative Yoga is REST. These classes are yoga for yoga nervous system. You will receive deep rest as you move from one long held soul nurturing posture to the next.  Restorative Yoga teacher trainees will receive a posture guide, including set up, class theming, meditations and pranayama; as well as Human Nervous System Anatomy.   


Hali Love teaches a style of Yoga Nidra that was created by Psychotherapist Dr. Richard Miller, known as Integrative Restoration (iRest). Backed by numerous western science studies, this style of Yoga Nidra has proven to provide both the body and mind with both deep rest and sustainable healing.  Science has shown that a 30 - 40 minute practice of this style of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4 - 6 hours of deep sleep.

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"I believe that we all get out of life what we put in to it; and I choose to live authentically and abundantly in gratitude, compassion, adventure and full expression. I give back through offering a full personal sponsorship of local Costa Rican's who attend my yoga teacher training and studio classes.  I live alignment. I am committed to my team and I  believe that relationships are not always about creating happiness; but creating growth, strength and partner perseverance through the challenging times of life.  We all experience  the ups and downs, the important thing is how accountable we are in our actions. My core values are loyalty and empowerment.​​​"  


Hali is committed to continuously growing her practice, as she believes the best teachers are the best students.  She is currently continuing expanding her knowledge with the Centre of Strategic Intervention, The Subconscious Restructuring Institute, as well as apprenticing with Dr. Randi Raymond, in Traditional Chinese Medical Theory. Love shares her knowledge in this field with Dr. Raymond through their coaching program offered through The Integrative Health Coach Institute.



Heal Yourself. Heal Others.

For the broken-hearted, the broken-willed, and for those who feel plain old broken. For the wanderers whom in fact are lost. For those who have been left behind.  For the unworthy and the defeated.  For the hopeful who yearn for more our of life: I promise you this:  CHANGE is possible. HEALING is possible. YOU are possible.  I believe with all of my being, that if truly desired, healing can happen in any situation.  I am committed to empowering you - whole-heartedly, to heal, change and bring the growth you need to thrive in your life. 


40,000 HOURS +

Over 40,000 hours of logged yoga teaching experience with The International Yoga Alliance, and over 26 years experience in the yoga and wellness industry.  She is currently registered as an Experienced Yoga Teacher, holding a 200 and 500 hour designation, and is a registered Continuing Education Provider.​



Founder and Facilitator of The Love Method Coaching Program, Co-Founder of The Integrative Health Coach Institute and Creator of Multi Style Yoga International. Founder Playa Negra Yoga Centre and The Multi Barre Method.  Partner of Yoga Barre Canada,  Co Founder of Playa Negra Yoga Institute and B Yoga Barre Studio San Jose. Creator of Virtual Prana Yoga Trainings and Retreats. Hali Love is a successful entrepreneur and dedicated mother, who thrives from putting her passions into action, walking her talk, and being in action. In 2007, she began her own coaching practice and opened her first yoga studio called Yogadown in Okotoks.  By 2009, she successfully opened two additional yoga studios, which she sold to pursue her dream of opening a retreat centre in Costa Rica: currently




Currently practicing as an International Holistic Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, specializing in Emotional Healing, Hali Love has extensive experience and  secondary education in the industries of natural health, including Ayurveda, TCM, yoga, fitness, and emotional healin​g. In 2006, Hali graduated from the CHEK institute in Encinitas, California, as a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 1 and Level 2). In 2010, Love graduated from the Subconscious Restructuring Institute, in Navada, as a Subconscious Restructuring Counsellor. ​ From 2008 through 2011, Love received additional certifications in hypnotherapy, various styles of yoga, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and physiology, emotional healing and yoga therapy.​​ From 2012 to current, Love has been apprenticing under Dr. Raymond, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Practices.​ In 2019, love graduated her Advanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program, which she blends with her Subconscious Restructuring counselling, to offer enhanced healing experiences for her clients.




Hali has studied other fields that have supported both her knowledge and insights for her current blossoming businesses. In 1999, she graduated from Mount Royal University in Business Management, followed by Criminal Psychology and Canadian Law. She continued her studies at SAIT in Calgary, Canada in 2004, she graduated from the Private Investigation and Forensic Accounting Program.




In 2009, Love graduated from the Olivera School of Ayurveda, in Toronto, Canada​, at which time she was certified as an Ayurveda Consultant, and Ayurveda Spa Specialist, which enabled her to offer Traditional Indian Head Massage, Ayurveda Consultations, and  Abhyanga Massage.​​  To date, Hali continues her study in Ayurveda through various online programs.


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