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This yoga immersion is all about experiencing rest, release and connection for the purpose of rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.  This program is for yoga teachers seeking continuing education, for aspiring teachers, and for students looking to rest, reset & rejuvenate.


You Will Study


Yin Yoga; from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

Restorative Yoga

Meditation, Mantra & Mudras

Yoga Nidra & The Western Science that supports it

Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle

How to create a rejuvenating lifestyle that leads to peace & harmony 

How to market yourself as a successful Yin, Restorative & Yoga Nidra Teacher 



Curriculum Details 


Yin Yoga


Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy & The 5 Elements Theory

Yin Yoga Anatomy; Fascia Tissue, Meridian Systems, Organs & Emotions

The benefits and contraindications of Yin Yoga

Effective Teaching & Communication Skills 

The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback

Our Yin Yoga Posture Guide, Sequencing & Themes

Effective use of props


Restorative Yoga


The benefits of restorative yoga

How to teach restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga Posture Guide, Sequencing & Themes

The importance of restorative yoga and the impact it has on our entire being

The 7 Bodies Method™️ and how to integrate this connecting philosophy into your restorative yoga classes

Effective use of props, meditation & pranayama in your restorative yoga classes


Meditation, Mantra & Mudras


Meditation brings a plethora of scientifically proven benefits to the practitioners life and health.  This program will teach you simple meditation techniques that you can use to enhance your life and spread the many benefits to others.

There are a vast variety of meditation techniques. This training is in what we call: Non-denominational Meditation - meaning it will deepen any defined spiritual connection or faith; rather than interfere with conflicting philosophies.   This training is anchored in The 7 Bodies Method, a curated healing modality created by Hali Love.  During this training you will learn over 25 meditation scripts, including both a general Yoga Nidra Script.  All meditations are available through a downloadable PDF as well as in an audio recording.

You will also study traditional Vedic mantras, their message, and hasta mudras (hand positions).


Yoga Nidra


Studies that show how Yoga Nidra combines the power of biofeedback, visualization, meditation and energetic healing; How the extensive healing and therapeutic impact of Yoga Nidra has been widely accepted by health professionals and has been adopted in many hospital settings and integrative medical services across North America. 

​What is Yoga Nidra

The Science of Yoga Nidra: Neuroplasticity & nervous system regulation

The Stages of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra as a meditative practice

Developing scripts and finding your voice

Therapeutic Applications of Yoga Nidra

Intentions and Visualization and how this shapes the practice

Neuroscience perspectives

The historical, biological and psychological foundations of Yoga Nidra

Modern variations of Yoga Nidra

Hypnosis concepts

Understanding your clients’ needs and how to develop one on one sessions

Yoga Nidra for general audiences, special populations, and how to tailor Yoga Nidra for specific groups — including hospice, first responders, nurses, pre-natal.

Props and classroom settings 

Practice putting learned skills into action

Developing a home yoga nidra practice; this includes MP3 Downloads for personal practice

Current research on the therapeutic impact of Yoga Nidra


Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle


Implementing the Yoga Sutras into our Modern Life

Understanding the Five Koshas (subtle bodies)

Creating Sankalpa

Yoga Lifestyle & Ethics

Personal Growth through the Yoga Sutras, The 7 Bodies Method; The 5 Areas of Life

The human ego system and how to navigate through them with compassion & understanding

How to create Emotional Agility 

Effective Communication Skills

Creating a rejuvenating personal practice

Yoga As A Successful Business


(for yoga teacher trainers)

Our signature Powerful Teaching Techniques 

How to design your own workshops & retreats

How to create successful 30, 60, 75 and 90 minute practices

How to design your own blend of the modalities in this program  

Interested in this program?

Email Hali Love to discuss taking this program Online or in Costa Rica; or contact her via WhatsApp: +506-8964-4369

Hear From Students

"My YTT experience with Hali Love was transformational. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is awe-inspiring. She leads by example and brings her truest self forward in every moment. In this course, I discovered the importance of self-love and healing through emotional expression and communication. With Hali’s close guidance, I explored yoga beyond just the physical practice and learned how to realign my mind, body, and soul. I also benefitted from the reflection and class discussions which deepened my understanding of each lesson. Hali takes the time to connect with every student and she challenged me through exactly what I needed to learn, grow, and flourish. I am so very grateful for this experience with Hali and Multi-Style Yoga. Thank you :)" Josie


"My experience at yoga teacher training with Hali Love was simply incredible.  By day 2 it was clear that this was something EVERYONE should experience.  My body, mind and spirit were so open, connected and so ready to keep learning. Hali created spaced for dialogue, new thoughts and change.   I am a carpenter and never having the thought that I would teach yoga, I originally went to yoga teacher training for personal development.  I had been witness to my wife’s transformation with Hali.  So I had some idea of what to expect but my expectations were blown out of the water.  Upon my return, still being a carpenter, I was awakened to a new passion of teaching and practicing yoga. I used to say to my wife that Namaste meant, “Nah I’ll stay, I’ll go to yoga next time”. Hali Love helped to inspire an awakening within. If you only one thing for yourself in this life, this should be it. Multi Style Yoga and Hali Love changed my life." John

"I went to teacher training not wanting to be a teacher, but to further my practice. I had no idea what to expect. I was expecting asana practice. A lot of it. And with two hours of practice every day, I definitely got it. But there was SO much more. One thing Hali said that resonated with me the most was "Anyone can memorize a sequence. It's who you become along the way that people are going to be attracted to. It's your most authentic self that will draw people to you. Not only filling your classes, but filling your life". And that is where the journey began. What I learned about myself during my teacher training completely turned my world around. I began to live outside my little bubble and started to see the bigger picture." Stef​

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