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Soothe Your Soul


Life is moving fast.

We can even fast forward our voice messages now. This retreat is all about embodying your Yin energy, which is all about stillness, slowing down, observing, resting, nurturing and loving ourselves enough to take the time to empty out & reconnect to what is important to us. 


This Retreat is for anyone who:

Feels burnout and exhausted

Wishes to reconnect to themselves

Wishes to connect to the most powerful version of themselves

Needs inspiration to enhance their self love practices

Needs to release any stuck emotion or stagnant energy

Simply needs a break 

Your retreat includes:

  • A daily 90-minute all-levels, adaptable Yin Yoga practice, each intelligently themed on the 5 Element Theory & Meridian Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


  • A daily 30-minute pranayama, mudra, mantra and meditation practice.


  • Daily journal assignments anchored in my 7 Bodies Method, that will support your connection to your highest, most powerful self.  This includes a self-study of all areas of your internal existence; from what you put in your physical body, to your thoughts, emotions etc.


  • Your downloadable, printable Self Love Journal packed full of personal growth journal prompts and tools that you can use to enhance your self love practice.

  • One post retreat follow up call with Hali Love, to share your experience and get a personalised plan to continue to receive the benefits from your retreat.


Online Attendees

All classes are downloadable, for you to keep and practice at anytime!


In Costa Rica Attendees

You have the option to also complete your classes in person at Playa Negra Yoga Centre.



Investment (per person)


3 day $249

5 day $399

7 day $525


Materials needed


  • Yoga mat, props: blocks (or a stack of books), bolster (or pillows), strap (or belt)

  • A journal and a pen

  • A computer or phone to download your self love journal

Suggested Retreat Guidelines

  • Arrange a quiet place that enables you to drop into stillness and to be as quiet as possible.

  • If you are on any cognitive or emotional altering medications, please get approval from your doctor or therapist to do this retreat.

  • Only use your device to complete your program; avoid using your phone or computer to scroll the internet or send emails.

  • Avoid listening to music.

  • Only journal in accordance with this program.

  • If you do this program with another person or group of people, avoid speaking as much as possible.

  • Avoid reading any books, only do the reading required for your retreat.


What to do with your time:


  • You can do your recorded Yin Yoga & Meditation practices as much as you want!

  • Walk in nature.

  • Rest.

  • Nap.

  • Create more presence in everything you do from showering your body, brushing your teeth to cooking your meals.

  • Take time to observe everything you see.

  • Take extra care of yourself; do a hair mask, face mask, body scrub, self massage, bubble bath, steam etc. 

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