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Your Internal Compass

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

What do you use for your personal navigation system? What guides you toward living your life? What guides you toward the people whom you love to be with most?

The answer is Your International Compass.

If this is a new concept for you, perhaps you can connect to past feelings of being lost, unsure, perhaps being pulled in many different directions, or even feelings of desperation within your personal life or career. Or maybe you find yourself asking why me, why THIS again….

Here is a tool you can use to start connecting to your own Internal Compass. The result? More ease. More grounded energy. More aligned decisions & relationships.

Let’s look at HOW to start to create your International COMPASS, by breaking down each letter.


Have compassion for yourself, and have compassion for others. Remember, not matter what stage of your developmental or healing journey you are in - we have all endured pain of some kind; and we have all developed different coping mechanisms in navigating through the pain recovery system.

Go easy on yourself. Go easy on others. Drop the need for perfection - because it doesn’t exist. If you want to be “perfect” try being more real - authenticity is the closest you will get.

I have found that the more authentic we become, the more accountable we can be. With accountability comes compassion - and this process is beginning of the construction of your trusty internal compass.


For change to be sustainable, we need to be open. Open to something new. Open to taking ownership for certain situations, openness to accept certain situations for the reality of what they are. If one constantly complains, judges others, compares themselves to others and become hardened with envy - they become closed - they cement themselves into selfness; this is self consuming and will not get you anywhere new. So open up your mind, move your body, open your energy, move your intellect and start to practice new tools through an open heart.


Be mindful of your impact on others. As you start your healing journey - remember some people will fall away. This is ok; and in fact a result of growing as a person. This does not mean you are better than anyone - or that others are worse or less than you. It simply speaks to alignment. Being mindful, slowing down and noticing will help you see the result of your progress, and will also help you choose more aligned practices and relationships.


Creating something new takes some fire (Agni), it takes one to connect to their Tapas - self determination. If you commit to a tool - stick to it. Do it even when you don’t want to. And if you choose to NOT do it one day, or one week or even for a month, OWN IT. Persevere in your Compassion & Openness; rather than beat yourself up or quit all together, keep going. Persevere. Re commit and get after it.


Allow the process to unfold; this is very different than controlling the process. The need for control is a BIG RED FLAG that one of your nasty ego’s have taken over your experience. Yes - I said EGOS - plural - there are 3. When you notice yourself wanting to control and outcome, or someone else, or feel pulled to that inauthentic part that we all have - pause, breathe. Realign with your compassion, openness, mindfulness and perseverance.


If you feel you need support, ask for it. Ensure you are asking a professional or at the very least, someone that you trust. Trust is the key. If your intuition warms you NOT to go to someone or share with someone, even if it logically does not make any sense, listen to it. Support is necessary along the path of growth and healing. Make sure you choose your support wisely. You will know you chose the right people, as they are the ones that will have your back - even when you aren’t in the room!


Every day, and I mean every single day - notice your success. I guarantee if you look for it, you will find it. Once you find it - no matter how much your logical mind tries to tell you that its not a big deal - think of it as a BIG DEAL. Celebrate it. Celebrate every success with a ritual or self love act that fits for you.

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