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What are your developmental blocks?

For me personal development is yummy. I love it. I love to discover where I am stuck, where my blocks are, and I am always seeking new tools, or up levelling my current tools to discover more; not from a place of lack or unworthiness, from a place of passion and empowerment - and to be an example that if we want something bad enough, and it is for our greater good - anything is possible!

Looking at your blocks through my two foundational tools is a great commencement.

First, I recommend looking at your 7 Bodies. The 7 Bodies Method is a tool that I created years ago to expand my understanding of my yoga practice - after years of hearing mind, body and spirit and not really vibing with the “spirit” part (until I starting using The 7 Bodies Method).

The 7 Bodies is a great way to define, compartmentalise and get connected to all aspects of your internal existence.

The 7 Bodies are:

1) Physical - our physical body,

2) Mental - our thinking mind,

3) Emotional - all of the 6 human emotions, which are fear, anger, joy, contentment, discontentment, and sadness,

4) Energetic - our vibe,

5) Intellectual - our new knowledge, learning's and insights,

6) Spiritual - this is self defined, and

7) Soul - our purpose

You cannot have a healthy body with a confused mind; you cannot have peace of mind with a heavy heart. The 7 Bodies Method ™ is a way to truly create sustainable change and serves as a personal data collecting program that supports us in having a macro picture of life.

When you connect to each area of your internal existence, you can then begin to create sustainable well-being within all of the Areas of Life - my second foundational tool.

The 6 Areas of Life are:

Love - all of your relationships with others.

Health - health within all areas of your 7 Bodies.

Wealth - your finances.

Self Image - the view and relationship you have with yourself.

Career - what you do for employment.

Passion / Fun - what you do for fun, how you feed your passions.

How to work with these tools:

  1. Go through your 7 Bodies and define what they mean for your. For example, my spiritual body I define as my intuition. For some of my friends it is their connection to God, Shiva, nature, higher self etc. This can be anything. Sometimes it is “I don’t know” which is an acceptable answer.

  2. Once you have defined your 7 Bodies, do a check in. Ask yourself how you feel in each body, and answer with one to only a few words.

  3. Next move to The 6 Areas of Life. Write our your goals for each area. Then ask yourself what is stopping you from reaching your goal. Now relate your 7 Bodies to each Area of Life - note the insights that come up. Create a plan of how you can bring more balance to your 7 Bodies, using the tools you have (I have some great meditations and mantras on my FREEBIES tab of my website that can help you with this).

  4. Repeat every week to track your progress.

  5. Note: The 7 Bodies Check Ins are great to do every morning and each evening before bed. When I started I kept a journal beside my bed to write this out - now I do it in my mind; it really is a fantastic tool to bring awareness, groundedness and progress throughout your personal development journey.

If you enjoyed this post, you can purchase my 7 Bodies Program or Human Ego System program from my website. Enter Code WITHLOVE and get $50 off!

Wishing you a beautfiul day! And thanks for being here!

Kindest regards,

Hali Love

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